JANAN Creative Arts


     Paintings, portraits, pop art, jewelry, Animail Boxes, books, sales,  scripts, movies, marketing, classes, and gallery views by artist Janan Jennifer Platt, all here to bring you happiness. 

    If you love an image, acquire the original (if it’s available) or choose prints in a variety of sizes and mountings. 

    If you love the jewels, and everyone does, treat yourself.  They make great gifts for your loved ones and friends. 

  Janan has just started a new line of WineGlass Ornaments:  Fabulous!

    Please visit our page about the new book in progress, Will Rhypen:  Couples Counselor, an adaptation of an original screenplay by Janan.   You’ll enjoy participating in this creative adventure!

    Along the line of your participation in the creative endeavors here, The Joy of Dog is a beautiful story of love, nearing publication.  Stay tuned for our fundraising campaign.  

    Make the most of the classes and consultations.  They are recommended to artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, organizations, and anyone desiring more creative freedom and success. 

    Additionally, I am available for commissioned art installations and individual pieces.    This art brings joy, vitality, and beauty, and serves to enhance and support places and operations.  Even better, this art helps us remember our heart’s deepest longings, loves and treasures.   You’ll love the energy of these creations.

    Each piece is created to bring all beings greater quality of life.

                                              In All Love,


PS.  Purchases are easy--use Paypal or contact Janan!

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